• Turn Your Sound Into a Piece of Art!

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  • Would you like to have a picture of your favorite music? Now, it is possible.

    We paint your sound

  • Did you know your voice generates its own distinctive pattern, just as a fingerprint?

    What about having a picture of it on your wall?

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1. Upload or Record

Upload your audio/video or record it online. You'll be able to edit or cut it online once uploaded.

2. Style and Design

Customize your soundwave's shape and color along with the option to add a text and a QR code.

3. Print or Download

You can have it printed on a fine art paper or canvas. Or you have the option to download it as PNG and PDF.

4. Scan QR Code

Once you scan the QR Code on the picture, you'll be directed to a custom webpage where your video/audio plays. Nevertheless, you have the option not to have a QR code on your picture.


What about hanging your

wedding Vow

baby's first word

favorite song

most meaningful two Yesssss

baby's heartbeat

on your wall?

Why to have a Sound Wave Pic?

Everyone has a sound that is special to them. It could be a song, first word of your baby, wedding vow or your best song. Isn't it so excited to bring it into life as a picture to hang on your wall that lasts for generations?


It is revolutionery compared to traditional gifts. It will bring an great aura in your home.


Hanging a picture on your wall that is meaningful to you is much better to have rather than some random photo.


You have the tools to design your own sound wave as the way you want it to be. You could apply the colors of your living room to fit nicely.


The video/audio is accessible by anyone when QR code is scanned


A romantic way to express yourself. You can have the sound wave of your wedding vow, marriage proposal or dance music.

Convenient Shipment

We have many contracted print shops in US and EU. We apply very small shipping cost for your convenience.